Yaakov Daniel

Yaakov was born in Jaffa in 1961. Studied art since the age of 14 and embraced Orthodox Judaism at the age of 20, while serving in the military and studying Art, which drove him to move to Jerusalem to master his new found devotion, and to develop his passion to the art of Scribing Jewish writing. Yaakov is considered today as one of the world's greatest Judaica artists, one of the senior and most outstanding artist in the field of Illustrated- Handwritten books and one of the most accomplished and respected sofer stam in the world.
Yaakov books are exceptional, rare and very sought after, as Yaakov works solely on commission and only create 2-3 books per year.

His works have been purchased by many distinguish and affluent Judiaca collectors including the prestigious Braginsky Collection and Schottenstein Collection, as well as, exhibitions in numerous Museums worldwide. He is highly appreciated in the academy, especially by Prof. Shalom Tzabar of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Sharon Mintz Curator of Jewish art at JTS and Senior Consultant of Judaica for Sotheby's.

We are honored and delighted to share with you the prints of Yaakov Daniel.